Frostte designed and manufactured co2 glass chiller, which has earned great reputations. Frostte’s glass chiller instantly cools and frosts all type of glasses. It ensures a fast efficient delivery of ice cold glasses to the customer eliminating the problem of warm glasses, ensuring customer satisfaction every time.
The machine is perfect for champagne and sparkling wine. It keeps the drink fizzy and will improve the flavor of all drinks by ensuring the ice does not melt.
It has a LED display that you can personalize with your bar name or anything you like with its remote programmer. The Frostte co2 glass chillers will provide you with a more hygienic service as the glasses are sterilized during the cooling process and the colored LED lights will provide you with all the theatrics you need to impress your customers.

Besides co2 glass chiller, we also have Dry Ice Maker, which is also known as solid co2 maker. Frostte dry ice maker makes dry ice blocks in a fast and efficient way. Frostte’s dry ice makers are ideal for tissue preservation, specimen shipping, biological manufacturing, industrial processes, ice cream, food samples, frozen meats and seafood, and classroom demonstrations. Dry ice can also be used in any drink to create a “smoky” or “foggy” look that will have everyone talking, it will bubble and emit smoky vapors without affecting the taste of any drink while simultaneous being completely safe to consume. Dry ice maker creates solid co2 blocks in two minutes or less at your convenience. Simple operation requires no batteries, accessories or secondary procedures. Dry ice maker includes everything needed to make uniform, ready-to-use. Required cylinders of liquid co2 complete with a siphon tube are readily available from industrial gas dealers or welding supply houses.